Boric acid powder 8kg


  • 8kg bucket of boric acid
  • Tamper proof seal
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Bulk pricing available for 3 or more buckets

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Our range of pails are aimed at commercial use and those who know they’ll use a lot of boric acid. Our 8kg pail is the beginning of the range and offers great value for bulk boric acid.

If you purchase 3 or more 8kg pails, you’ll receive 30% off. The discount will be applied automatically to your cart by increasing the quantity of 8kg pails to 3 or more.

The 8kg pail of boric acid is a low profile pail making for easy transport, use and storage. It is molded with a HDPE plastic which is super strong. So much so that the pail can be shipped as its self without any additional packaging required.

The lid is a tight fit and comes with a taper proof seal which you peel off when you open the pail for the first time. Once the seal is removed, the lid will still tightly clip back on

Our pails also come with a handy carry handle. A full pail itself weight just under 9kg and by itself would be awkward and problematic to carry. The carry handle make sit much easier. The handle even has a plastic roller where you hold it so the metals doesn’t dig into your hands. It’s those little things that make a lot of difference.

The pail requires no additional packaging, but we do wrap it in bubble wrap any way. The delivery agents are happier to see this and a happy delivery agent is a prompt delivery agent.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm